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How it Works

A lot of people know how to dance (or think they do *wink wink*) but a lot of people don’t, so our events start off with a fun dance class. After the lesson, you will dance one song at a time with each man or woman. We call that dance-dating. It’s like speed-dating, but you’re dancing! After the dance dating, a social hour will commence, which will give you more opportunity to get better acquainted with that cutie that makes your heart go pitter-patter.

At the event you will sign in and start the dance class. After the initial footwork lesson you will get to practice partnering. We rotate partners often, so you’ll get to practice with each person in the class. This is your first chance to meet your dates so introduce yourselves when you rotate to them. You can ask a couple of questions but it’s best to stay focused on the class. Guys, this is a good chance to break the ice with a compliment. But don’t worry, you will get more time with that cutie later on.
After the class you will be given a dance card. You will use this card to meet and dance with your dates. After you dance with each person, you’ll be given time to jot down a couple of notes about the person. You’ll meet and dance with a new person every 5 minutes or so, so be sure to take those notes. As you dance it’s understandable if you don’t have anything to say. Ladies, be patient with these budding Fred Astaires. Dancing might take all of their concentration at the moment. Just enjoy the dance together and savor the moment. Also, don’t worry about dancing badly. No one is there to judge. So by all means, if you want to just have a conversation, go for it. You don’t even need to get on the dance floor if you don’t want to. *sigh* Look on the back of your dance card for conversation ideas. But don’t worry if you dance the whole song without saying a word. It’s perfectly okay. Dancing can itself be a nice experience, even when it’s casual. You can really learn a great deal about someone by the way they dance. And besides, you can have conversations a little bit later during the social hour. Ice-breaker cards can be found throughout the venue.
After the structured dancing we will break up the groups and give final comments. Then you will be asked to fill out your match card and tell us who you would like to get to know better. We know you would like to know right away if that cutie likes you, but it’ll be pretty awkward if that creep sees that you didn’t pick him. So we tabulate the results and give them to you later, within 48 hours. But we will turn the music back on. Stick around and mingle. Grab a drink. Take a conversation card and have a chat. Or ask someone to dance. Shortly after we will give you your matches. You’ll find out that night who is interested in you. You can ask them to dance, have a drink together or just sit and talk.
Occasionally we will offer parallel events. Salsa and Swing at the same time for example. More people to meet.

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