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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dance N Date?

Do you know what speed dating is? Same thing, but with dancing.

Dance N Date is a speed-dating service that uses dance as an icebreaker. A lot of people know how to dance (or think they do *wink wink*) but a lot of people don’t, so our events start off with a fun dance class. After the lesson, you will dance one song at a time with each man or woman. We call that dance-dating. It’s like speed-dating, but you’re dancing! After the dance dating, a social hour will commence, which will give you more opportunity to get better acquainted with that cutie that makes your heart go pitter-patter.

Can't I just go out to the clubs?

You obviously have not tried this or you wouldn’t be asking. Sure! Go to the clubs. Dance! Try to find romance. But if you go to a dance club, you would be surprised at just how many people are not there to find romance. They really are there just to dance. Also, the ratio of men to women is generally not very advantageous to men, especially in the greater Houston area.

Can't I just take dance classes?

No! You do not have permission to take dance classes on your own.

Of course you can take dance classes! We would never want to discourage anyone from doing so. We are after all dance instructors ourselves. If your intention is to find romance though, the guarantee of success in a dance class is much lower than at a Dance N Date event. The people taking a dance class are there to learn to dance. Romance might be on their mind but they might not necessarily be there to find romance and the pursuit of romance might interfere with their ability to learn to dance. Also, the ratio of guys to girls in a dance class is rarely even. In Houston beginning classes are dominated by women and more advanced classes are dominated by men. A Dance N Date event however is going to almost always be more evenly balanced. And you know that everyone there is hoping to find romance. You are also more likely to meet people that will fit your age group.

Where are you located?

We come to you! Well, right now we are focusing on the Montrose area but we will be expanding soon. We plan to host our events at several different venues around the Houston area. Tell us where you would like us to come to and we’ll ask around and see if we can find a venue for you. If you have a venue and would like to discuss offering your place for a Dance ‘N’ Date event, shoot us a message. We would love to talk to you.

Do I have to dance during the dance-dating time?

🙁 You don’t want to dance? That makes me feel sad.

*Sigh* I guess not. We know that dancing when you first meet someone can be intimidating. Plus you might prefer to have a conversation instead. No, you don’t have to dance. In fact, we set up tables and provide conversation cards for you in case the person you are with leaves you speechless.

Do I have to stay during the social hour?

What? You aren’t having fun? What did I do wrong? Give me some feedback for goodness’ sake!

You can of course leave at any time. But we hope you stay a little bit through the social hour to, you know, help it live up to its name. You know. Social. It’s not a social hour if everyone leaves. Besides, we hope you are having fun and you want to keep having fun.

There was a guy/girl I really liked in the class but I was too shy to talk to him/her or to ask him/her to dance. How will I know if he/she likes me back?

We’ll tell you. As the night progresses you will fill out a “dance card,” which will list all of the men or women in the class. If they like you, we will send you an email. If you like them we will send them an email.

What if I don't get any mutual matches?

We want you to be happy with us so if your email doesn’t include any mutual matches, it will include a one time use coupon for a free event. If you are finding yourself mismatched by age-group, try a different dance style. Some dance styles are more popular with different age groups. Take a look at the dance styles page for more information.

I'm telling you, I absolutely can not dance. I literally have two left feet.

Woah! Really? Literally? Two left feet? I have got to see that! If you are willing to take your shoes off and show us those weird lefty tootsies of yours you can take any event for free!

Really though, since you are even reading this, there must be some shred of confidence in you. I’m telling you, try merengue. It’s the freaking easiest dance in the world. If you can walk, you can merengue. You can walk, right? Two steps. That’s the basic step. Step. Step. Give it a try. If you can’t conquer that, we’ll carry you to your car because you clearly can’t walk either. That’s how easy merengue is.

Anyway, it’s our job to flip that right foot over and help you to come out of your shell. Most of our instructors teach private lessons that can help if you really need it. Just send them a message.

As far as dance and romance is concerned, dance ability is not what matters. It’s just an ice-breaker. What matters is your willingness to try. Remember. Confidence is a seriously powerful aphrodisiac.

I'm already in a relationship.

Perfect! You are always looking for good date ideas, right? Dance ‘N’ Date to the rescue. We will give you something to do together. And if you’re married, we think you should continue to date. No, not strangers. Date your spouse, you crazy person.

So absolutely, we have events for couples. You won’t just learn a bit of dance. You’ll also enhance your intimacy, strengthen your relationship, learn to communicate without talking, and you’ll have a chance to meet other couples. And! Some of our couples events will include dinner.

Do any of your singles events include dinner?

The thing about dinner is it takes time. Include a class, dance-dating, and the social hour, and the event is already more than 2 1/2 hours long. We will sometimes offer finger foods or hors d’overs during the social hour, but unless we get a lot of people asking for it, we probably won’t offer dinner. Go ahead and request it though. Some of our venues want us to offer dinner.

I'm 18 and I don't want to date an old guy.

Fine. I don’t want to date you either, you little whipper-snapper.

In all seriousness, we organize our events by age. Right now the age groups are a bit broad because we are brand new and we have a limited customer base, but hang in there. We’ll tighten up the age groups real soon.

Aww. I'm 40 but I want to meet a 25 year old.

You are gross grampa! Stick to your own age! Blech.

Just kidding. Most of us instructors aren’t spring chickens either.

We recognize that age to a lot of people is just a number, so we like to have two age groups per event. You won’t be in the class with the other age group. You won’t go dance-dating with them. But you will have the opportunity to meet them in the social hour afterwards. And, if they signed up through meetup, you can look them up and send them a message later on.

What if I'm not interested in the dating part of Dance N Date?

You party pooper. It’s Dance ‘N’ Date. Oh fine. In the future, Dance N Date might scratch out that word “date” for a night and offer more social non-romantic events for couples and singles. Right now though, I would suggest you take a dance class. If you are looking for a more casual and social atmosphere than what you expect to find at a dance studio, allow me to introduce you to The World Famous SSQQ Dance Studio. That’s where the Organizers of Dance N Date teach regular group classes and private lessons. Really. It’s not what you expect from of a “serious” dance studio. Most of the instructors are regular people with normal day jobs who just have a passion for dance. And the students are all good friends. The place is more like a family than a competitive dance studio. You will take classes, and they are even 2 hours long, but what makes SSQQ the best dance studio in the whole freaking world is the social nature of the studio. Most of the nights have a social hour after the classes. We have parties every other Saturday and we often do things together like go to the beach, renaissance festival, art fair, and of course we go out to eat together a lot. Really. A lot of us fell in love with dance because of the social nature of SSQQ. Plus classes are only $50 a month.

I met someone at a Dance 'N' Date event.

Congratulations! We love hearing about people at our events meeting each other. Now you can sign up for a couples event and get to know that person even better. Please! Invite us to the wedding.

I already know how to dance. Do you have events for intermediate or advanced dancers?

We might in the future. But we would like you to consider this question. Are you only willing to date someone if they can dance as well as you? My guess is no. You are probably looking everywhere for someone to date. When you find that cutie at the laundromat, is your first question “can you dance?” I doubt it. But, we aren’t so closed-minded to say we won’t ever offer intermediate and advanced events, especially for couples. If we get enough people asking, I guess we’ll offer some. We might even do progressive events, where you take a discounted series of classes that build on each other. Something to look forward to in the future.

Do you teach regular dance classes?

Well. We are all dance instructors so each of us do teach regular progressive group classes. But we don’t teach them through Dance N Date… yet. Look at the instructor profiles to find out where each instructor teaches. You can find the owners of Dance N Date teaching latin dance at The World Famous SSQQ Dance Studio, in the Greater Heights Area.

I have kids.

Good for you! Show off.

Oh. You want to know if we can take care of your kids. Sure. At some of our venues (well, one) we do offer some child-care for an additional fee. Not all of our venues lend themselves to child-care (just the one right now) so look for the note.

I work nights or I'm usually in bed before the sun. Do you have events in the daytime?

Not yet. But we are planning on it.

Do you teach freestyle, hip hop, house, or other solo dance styles?

Not yet, but we might. Do you know any fun instructors?

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