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What to Wear

Dress to impress. But since you’ll be dancing you should wear loose fitting comfortable clothes. Ladies, some venues crank up the A/C so you might want to bring a sweater.
Don’t wear sneakers, cross trainers, running shoes, or any shoe with a soft rubber sole.
Guys, wear nice dress shoes or boots, preferably with a leather sole. Hard rubber is ok too.
Ladies, you can wear flats or heels but be sure your ankle is strapped in. And save your pretty toenails for your next date. Wear close-toed shoes. You don’t want to get those tootsies stepped on. Leather or hard rubber soles for you too.
Of course if you happen to have suede soled dance shoes by all means bring them.
Make sure you brush your teeth and check how you smell. Fragrance is okay but please don’t overdo it.

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